Benefits of Testosterone

Are American Men Turning Into Women?

(Los Angeles) Down over 37% in the past two decades, researchers expect a full 50% drop in testosterone in the coming years.
Why is this happening?
Nobody knows for sure, but one thing’s for certain. Something has to change and according to the latest medical research it looks like something has.
Recently scientists have discovered a new alternative…a natural way to boost a man’s testosterone production without having to rely on costly or dangerous prescriptions. What’s more…it’s guaranteed to work.
Did you know that researchers have discovered that since 1987 the American man has lost approximately 1.2% of his testosterone EVERY year?
What this means is that a 40-year-old man living today has 37% less testosterone than a 40-year-old man living back in 1987.
The worst part?
Doctors don’t know the exact cause. But what they do know is that low testosterone levels are not only troublesome when it comes to sex, lack of libido, muscle mass and strength.
But it’s also dangerous.

The Problem - Low Testosterone

Unfortunately for men, one of the biggest problems associated with low testosterone is an accumulation of belly fat. And while the outward appearance of belly fat may be discouraging in and of itself the internal health problems associated with extra abdominal fat can be also be deadly.

And, no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat, you still won’t be able to shed the excess weight.
Here’s why…
Clinical studies have shown that low testosterone and belly fat reinforce each other, trapping you in a spiral of weight gain and hormonal imbalance.

Your testosterone levels dictate your body composition.

In the past, scientists believed that being overweight caused low testosterone. That’s because belly fat is an extremely active hormonal modulator, particularly when it comes to testosterone and estrogen.

Belly fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Which means more belly fat means more testosterone being converted to estrogen and some serious health problems for men.
However, recent studies have shown that it isn’t always the belly fat that comes first.
And while we know that belly fat causes low testosterone, it’s now clear that low testosterone also causes an accumulation of belly fat.
So if the extra belly fat isn’t enough to get you motivated to do something about your lagging testosterone levels (although that’s motivation enough for most men) then maybe this will…
Low testosterone has been linked to a variety of health problems including…

  •  Problems with insulin sensitivity...this can lead to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver
  •  Hardening of the arteries...potentially causing a heart attack, a stroke or other vascular disaster
  •  And High Cholesterol...putting you at risk for a variety of cardiovascular problems including high blood pressure
No matter how you look at it...low testosterone is dangerous.
The Solution - Boosting Testosterone Naturally 
According to the New York Times testosterone prescriptions for men have more than doubled in the past few years.

But this isn’t necessarily a good thing.
Because synthetic testosterone comes with its own set of problems. Often subjecting men to a variety of side-effects.
  •  Infertility –  And while most men using prescription testosterone are past their child rearing years, the thought of becoming sterile doesn’t sit well with many. To make matters worse, this happens because your brain is telling your body to stop producing testosterone. This means you’re now stuck taking prescription testosterone for life.
  •  An Increased Risk of Heart Attack –  Just like having low testosterone can increase cardiovascular risk so can taking synthetic testosterone. In fact, The Journal of The American Medical Association recently found that men taking testosterone were more prone to have plaque in their arteries when compared to men who were not. 
  •  Enlargement of The Prostate – While doctors have found no link to taking testosterone and prostate cancer, they have found evidence associating it with benign prostate hypertrophy or simply an enlarged prostate.
And while some men are willing to take their chances with a prescription testosterone, the good news is you don’t have to.

Natural testosterone boosters are available over the counter and some are really beginning to cut into the billion - dollar drug industries monopoly on the testosterone replacement therapy market.
That’s because unlike drugs, these supplements with their natural ingredients help stimulate testosterone production to compliment your body’s natural production.
They don’ replace it.
In other words, they encourage your body to make more, so you never have to worry that your brain will shut down production.

Benefits of healthy testosterone levels:

  •  Healthy Libido
  •  Strong, Lasting Erections
  •  Healthy Mood and Mental Function
  •  High Levels of Energy
  •  Good Bone Health
  •  And a Healthy Body Composition
Restoring a man’s testosterone levels back to the levels he enjoyed in his youth can offer men all of ages these health benefits and more.

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