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Benefits of Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is largely associated with men, but unknown to many; women also produce it although in a small amount. In males, its production starts as early as eight weeks after birth. Its production is at the highest levels during adolescence and young adulthood. After this period, its levels of production will start to decline, slightly every year. Testosterone has numerous benefits in the body; it has an effect on the reproductive system, muscle mass, sexuality, bone density as well as influencing certain behavior. This article outlines the benefits of testosterone.

Heart health

Heart plays an important role in the body, pumping blood to all parts of the body, aiding in the transportation of oxygen, food nutrients and other important components to where they are required. With this role, its health is paramount for optimal performance. Several studies have been done to explore the link between testosterone levels and heart system. Most of these studies have found a link between the two. One of the studies involved a large sample (more than 83,000 US veterans); it found that administered testosterone lowered the risks of stroke and heart attack. Other studies have shown that increasing the testosterone levels leads to positive results on cardiovascular and pulmonary health. They give a lot of hope especially to men who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, whose numbers have been on a sharp increase mostly due to lifestyles.

Healthy bones

A link between reduced testosterone levels and bone loss in older men has been established. In offering a solution to this problem, studies on the subject have suggested taking actions to increase the levels of testosterone in senior men. It has been established that increased levels help in the stimulation of osteoblast, a component that plays an important role in the formation of bone. In a study which was done on senior men above 65 years of age, it was found that testosterone supplementation for a period of three years, helped in increasing the bone mineral density. These studies corroborate the long-held belief that testosterone ranks highly in building strong bones.

Boosting cognitive ability

Testosterone is not only beneficial to the physical body; the benefits extend to the brain. New studies suggest that it is an important component in strengthening the brain muscles. There is also a link between the testosterone and cognitive function; both are known to decline with age. Some early studies hinted a link between reduced levels of testosterone production and Alzheimer's disease. Research findings which were published in the Journal of Gerontology confirmed this link. The same study found that men who were put on testosterone booster for a period of one year recorded a mild cognitive improvement. This points out that increasing the testosterone levels in the body can help in keeping the neurons in the brain firing and offsetting gradual decline which characterizes the old age.

Testosterone and fat loss

Fat accumulation, especially around the belly, is a problem that affects many men. A study on this area found that overweight and obese men have low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is known to help in effective burning of fats. Low amount of testosterone will, therefore, lead to the accumulation of fats in the body.

Boosting sex drive

Sexual arousal has everything to do with levels of testosterone; this has been confirmed by a number of studies which have found a strong link between libido and levels of testosterone in the body; low levels will lead to low performance. On a lighter note, there is some bit of truth on a widely circulated theory of use and disuse of the sexual organs. As confirmed by past studies in this area, a man who experiences low levels of testosterone normally has low desire for sex. Also, sexual inactivity can result in reduced production. Consequently, low testosterone is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

Somebody jokingly said that adequate levels of testosterone make you an alpha male. These sentiments seem to be backed by some evidence as a study on male subjects, where they were instructed to gauge how attractive they were to young female. They found that those who charged with high testosterone levels performed well in attracting the ladies. A similar study found a strong correlation between the level of testosterone and social dominance in adolescent boys.

Testosterone and body moods

Low levels of testosterone have an effect on the quality of life; men with this problem are known to experience depression, high irritability and fatigue. With a testosterone boost, men who were experiencing these problems reported an improvement where their mood improved, had less incidences of depression, fatigue and irritation.

It is evident that testosterone has numerous benefits in the body; it is equally important to note that with age, the level of production will decline and to continue enjoying these benefits, a supplementation will be required. Luckily there are natural ways which can be used to boost its production. Peak Test, a natural male enhancement product can help along this line.