Subscriber Benefits

We made it very simple to manage your subscriptions online anytime. Through your account you can view orders and manage subscription settings, which include: pausing or canceling subscription, adding products to your subscription, and changing delivery intervals. You can also manage your subscription by contacting our support team.

2. Click on “Manage”

From this page you can view the options available to manage your subscription. You can also change the delivery interval from this page

1.How can I add other products to my Subscription?

Simply login to your Alpha Tech Labs account, under manage subscriptions click the tab “manage” then“add products” to add products to your subscription.

2.Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime simply through your account or by contacting our support team.

3.Can I change how often I want to receive products?

Yes, This can be done under your Alpha Tech Labs account under manage subscriptions or by contacting our support team.

4.Is there a return policy?

Yes, All of our products are backed by our 60-day money back terms. If you are not satisfied with our products simply contact our support team to process a refund.

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